Florida - Blaine Johnathan
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Cape Romano 2 (Panoramic)

The Cape Romano Dome Homes are always changing, slowly eroding and may eventually be under water completely. Until then I continue to make trips out to photograph them in various perspectives. This photograph was taken on the last 3'x3' piece of concrete ramp that would have led you into the house. Using a boat we drifted close enough that I could climb onto the platform and be handed my gear. Wanting to capture all the domes I chose a panoramic and utilized a 10 stop neutral density filter to give the water a silky smooth effect. Upon one of my visits in 2016 I noticed the platform was no longer present, I like to assume it has fallen into the Gulf to now be enjoyed by marine wildlife.

This photo was taken pre-hurricane Irma the left 2 domes are no longer standing above water.

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